Wildlife Conservation Projects In India: A Complete UPSC, PSC, SSC Notes

By | October 10, 2020

Wildlife Conservation Projects In India: Project tiger (1973), Elephant Project (1992), Red Panda Project (1996), Project Hangul (1970), etc.

Wildlife Conservation Projects In IndiaWhat is Wildlife Conservation?

  • This is related to the protection of animal species, plants, and their habitats. This is also useful for balancing nature’s process and give stability. 
  • So, the government took steps to the prevention of illegal hunting, illegal trading of skin, and meat. For this, the Indian Government applied “Wildlife Conservation Act” in 1972.
  • In 2003 government modified this act and provide the name “Indian Wildlife Conservation Act 2002”.
  • This act applied to whole of India except Jammu Kashmir.

Importance of Wildlife Conservation in India

From ancient times, forests and forest living animals are used by humans. For getting more economy and making joyful life humans are used them always. Humans destroyed forests and killed animals for their selfishness.

So, conservation of forests and animals is important for doing balance and giving stability. 

Wildlife Conservation Projects

Wildlife projects that are applied in India are:-

Project tiger

  • This project started on 1 st April 1973.
  • The biggest tiger reserve of India situated is in Nagarjun Sagar – Sri Sailum Sanctuary (Andhra Pradesh).
  • The first tiger reserve of India is Jim Corbet (Uttarakhand)
  • Currently, India has 50 tiger reserves.
  • The 51 st tiger reserve should be 
  • The smallest tiger reserve is…
  • Madhya Pradesh state is popular as the state of the tiger.
  • White tigers are present in Nandan Kanan (Odisha)

Red Panda Project (Cat Bear)

  • For the Red Panda Project, Padmaja Naidu Jantu Park started this project.
  • This project started in 1996.
  • In Arunachal Pradesh, this is known as Cat Bear.

Vulture Conservation Project

  • This project started in 2006.
  • This is started with the association between the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) and the Hariyana Foresty Department.
  • Mostly, vultures are died due to the use of Diclofenac medicine, Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory medicines. These medicines are using for cattle.

Elephant Project (Wildlife Conservation Projects In India)

  • This project started at SinghBhoomi (Jharkhand) on 7 December 1992.
  • The elephant reserves are present in India are 32.
  • In the year of 2012, the number of elephants was 31,368. But in 2017, it decreases and reaches to 27312.
  • The white material of the elephant’s teeth is called Ivory.

Gir Lion Project

  • Gir Sanctuery is knoen as “Home of Asiatic Lion”.
  • This Project started in 1973.
  • Gir Sanctuary located at Junagarh (Gujrat)

Action Tigers Project

  • This sanctuery started at Sariska sanctuery.
  • Sariska sanctuary located in Rajasthan.
  • There are 12 counties that started this project.

Hangul Project (Wildlife Conservation Projects In India)

  • This project started in 1970.
  • This Hangul deer got the name in Red Data Book.
  • Hangul is a deer that related to the randier species.
  • Hangul is a European country deer.
  • This project started at Dachigam National Park (Kashmir)

Brown Antlered Deer Project

  • This Brown Antlered Deer Project (Manipur Thamin Deer project)
  • It started in 1977 at Manipur.
  • This deer counted as a rare mammiferous creature.

Rhinoceros Project

  • For conservation of rhinoceros started in 1987.
  • Thess are one-horned rhinoceros.
  • one-horned rhinoceros present only in India.
  • Horns of rhinoceros used for making aphrodisiac medicines.

Musk Deer Project (Wildlife Conservation Projects In India)

  • The musk deer project started in 1970 at Kedarnath Sanctuary.
  • This started with the association of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).
  • Kedarnath Sanctuary located at Uttaranchal. 
  • Musk present only in male musk deer.
  • The popular sanctuaries for musk deer are- Shikari Devi sanctuary (Himachal Pradesh), Badrinath sanctuary (Uttaranchal).

Turtle Conservation Project

  • This project related to the Soth American Olive Readle species of turtle.
  • This conservation project started in 1975 at the BhitarKanika sanctuary.
  • The BhitarKanika sanctuary located at Katak (Odisha).
  • The breeding place of this turtle in India is Gahirmatha.

Crocodile Breeding Project

  • With the help of UNDP, this project started in 1975.
  • This project started at Tikarpada (Odisha).
  • Kukrail (Uttar Pradesh) takes place in a crocodile breeding project.

Faq’s (Wildlife Conservation in India)

Q 1: Q 1: Which state is popular as the state of the tiger?

Ans: Madya Pradesh

Q 2: Where are found, Asiatic Lion?

Ans: Gir Forest

Q 3: What is Hangul?

Ans: This is Randiar species deer.

Q 4: Which national park has the highest crocodile population?

Ans: BhitarKanika national Park

Q 5: What is the chemical form of Musk?

Ans: Methyle Trichloro Penta Decenol

Q 6: When the project tiger started?

Ans: 1 st April 1973

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