Wildlife Conservation Projects In India

* Project tiger * Elephant Project * Red Panda Project * Project Hangul  * Gir Lion Project * Rhinoceros Project * Musk Deer Project * Turtle Project

Project Tiger

This project started on 1st April 1973.  The biggest tiger reserve of India situated is in Nagarjun Sagar - Sri Sailum Sanctuary (Andhra Pradesh).

Elephant Project

This project started at Singh Bhoomi (Jharkhand) on 7 December 1992. The elephant reserves are present in India are 32.

Red Panda Project

For the Red Panda Project, Padmaja Naidu Jantu Park started this project. This project started in 1996. In Arunachal Pradesh, this is known as Cat Bear.

Project Hangul

This project started in 1970. This Hangul deer got the name in Red Data Book. Hangul is a deer that related to the randier species.

Gir Lion Project

Gir Sanctuery is known as "Home of Asiatic Lion". This Project started in 1973. Gir Sanctuary located at Junagarh (Gujrat)

Rhinoceros Project

For conservation of rhinoceros started in 1987. These are one-horned rhinoceros. one-horned rhinoceros present only in India.

Musk Deer Project

The musk deer project started in 1970 at Kedarnath Sanctuary. This started with the association of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

Turtle Project

This project related to the South American Olive Readle species of turtle. This conservation project started in 1975 at the BhitarKanika sanctuary.

Wildlife Conservation Projects

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