6+ Latest Resume Format For Job Fresher [FREE Download]

Latest Resume Format For Job Fresher: It tells a brief summary about your valuable information based on your experience and skills. 

6+ Latest Resume Format For Job Fresher

6+ Latest Resume Format For Job Fresher

The Other name are Curriculum Vitae (CV), Biodata. Any kind of CV shows your professional and personal profile. In it your worthy experience, achievements, and other job hunting important information provided by you.

What to add in my resume?

In CV freshers candidate should include:-

  • Your Personal details: Your personal details (Name, Mobile No., Email Address, etc.) should be play role as initial part of this important document. 
  • Summary or Objective: Summary or objective are   different things. Objective refers to a fresher candidate. Objective refers your work ambition, skills, achievements, etc. . But Summary refers to experienced candidate. In summary your work experience added. 
  • Your Work Experience: Work experience boost your carrier. Experienced person include their experience in well format.
  • Job Profile: In job profile, you add your current job designation.
  • Company Profile: In Company profile, you should added company related info. like- company name, products. established. 
  • Education: Education is initial need for any job. So add your Education info. 
  • Your Skills: Skills is necessary part of freshers also for experienced.
  • Personal Interests or Hobbies: This part really helpful for job seekers, if hobbies are really effective. 
  • Your Achievements: In achievement section, it also represent your working ability, if hobbies are really effective.

A resume is actually a French word and its means in English is Summary. If candidate apply for a dream job, then at least a good resume required for that job interview, initially. 

6+ Latest Resume Format For Job Fresher in MS Word

What to avoid in my resume?

Any CV based on skills and experience summary. So don’t add unnecessary information. Like- marital status, sex, religion. 

The purpose of resume

It works as primary document for any job interview. It convince employer that “is your worthy for job interview or not”. This gives all info of your important professional history period. By the good resume you can get more chances for shortlisting you. 

6+ Latest Resume Format For Job Fresher

Types of Resume Format

There are many types of this document template uses by candidate. Different types of this document format uses for different purposes. 

Now a days, for referencing the top 3 types template are:

  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combination Resume

For knowing which type format is suitable for your purpose, here you can get information:

Chronological (6+ Latest Resume Format For Job Fresher)

A chronological type started with summary or introduction.  In this type of document work history written in order of reverse chronological (Recent position or designation of your first and then oldest position or designation in the last). This kind of formats is used for job searchers mostly. Because of this is suitable for different types of experienced person. 

Titles and dates are most focused points in this type format.

Functional (6+ Latest Resume Format For Job Fresher)

In this categories are used in your qualifications. These categories should be- administrative, project management, marketing, product management, etc. the most focusing pints in this kind of resumes are- skills, abilities, etc. This kind of template used in case of significant gaps in candidates work experience. It is also used by those candidate who changed different areas of careers. 

Combination or Hybrid (6+ Latest Resume Format For Job Fresher)

This kind of CV format based on combination of Chronological type and Functional type. This kind of format works better for all individuals. 

Conclusion : Resume plays an important role as a primary document for getting more chances to crash any interview. 

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