Dandi March: Complete PSC Exam Notes On Dandi Yatra

Dandi March: On 12 March 1930, Mahatma Gandhi leads the Dandi march with 78 followers against of anti-salt law. He completed Dandi yatra on 6 April 1930.

Dandi March
Facts on Dandi March (Dandi Yatra) for PSC, SSC Exam

  • This event has its own value in the field of Indian Freedom Struggle.
  • Mahatma Gandhi started this march from Sabarmati hermitage (Ahamadabad) to Dandi (Seaside village).
  • In this event (Dandi yatra), 78 people take part. In dandi yatra, Webmillar (a journalist) also take part.
  • It is also known as Dandi Salt and Dandi satyagraha.
  • People of all groups and casts take part in this important salt march event.
  • Brahmin casts people and Harison cast people are also included in this historical event.
  • The distance from Sabarmati ashram (Ahamadabad) To Dandi village is 241 miles (358 k.m.).
  • Mahatma Gandhi covered this distance in 24 days.
  • On the date of 6 April 1930, Mahatma Gandhi reached Dandi and raised a fist of salt.
  • On the date of 5 may, for the dandi yatra Mahatma Gandhi got arrested.
  • Pandit Nehru, C. Raj Gopala Chari, and others arrested for this event
  • The Dandi march movement runs for one year.
  • In 1931, the salt march step ended with the compromise between Gandi and Ervin.
  • In Dandi yatra, the youngest person was Vipul Thakkar (16 Years old).
  • During the salt march (Salt March), mahatma Gandhi covers an average of 16 -19 kilometers each day with his feet.
  • During the Dandi yatra (Salt March), the Navsari is the last place where Gandhi Ji stayed.
  • There are 13 kilometers only distance from Navsari to dandi village.
  • Subhash Chandra Boss compare Gandhi’s salt satyagraha with the Paris journey of Napoleon.
  • During the Dandi yatra period, on 31 st march time magazine published Mahatma Gandhi’s photo.

Salt Law and Dandi March

In the British empire, Salt law takes place. In salt law, the British empire applied a large amount of tax on salt production and selling.

So, Gandhi Ji organizes Savinay Avagya law for releasing Indians from this tax burden.

Salt march or Salt march or Salt Satyagrah was the part of Savinay Avagya Andolan.

Dandi yatra was the first event of savinay avagya Andolan.

National Salt Satyagrah Memorial

  • On 71 st death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi (prime minister) inaugurate National Salt Satyagrah Memorial.
  • In memorial, 80 silicon, kansya dandi march statues are present for the memory of Dandi yatra. These 80 statues related to those people Who take part in the Dandi yatra.
  • 24 mural paintings are shows 24 days of the Dandi march.
  • People who are with Gandhi till the end of the salt march got a name on a stone wall at the memorial.
  • People who played role till the end of this event were- Somlal Pragji Bhai Patel, Anand Hingorani, Haribhai Mohani, etc.
  • In memorial, there is a 5 miter hight statue present of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • This statue (mahatma Gandhi statue) is built by Sadashiv Sathe. Sadashiv Sathe was lives in Mumbai.
  • This statue (Mahatma Gandhi) is situated in the town hall (New Delhi).
  • There are 14 pots with industrial heater are present inside the memorial. If anyone inserts seawater in these pots, then Salt can form in a minute.
  • In the middle part of the memorial, a man-made salted water lake (14,000 Square Mitre) is present.
  • There are 41 solar trees are present in the memorial. These solar trees generate 182-kilowatt electricity.

Important Question For PSC, SSC Exams

Q1: On 71 st death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Who inaugurates National Salt Satyagrah Memorial?

Ans: Prime minister Narendra Modi

Q2: Who compare Gandhi’s salt satyagraha with the Paris journey of Napoleon.

Ans: Subhash Chandra Bose

Q3: Which magazine published Mahatma Gandhi’s photo during dandi march on 31 st march?

Ans: Time magazine

Q4: What is the name of the last place where Gandhi Ji stayed during the Dandi march?

Ans: Navsari

Q5: Who is the youngest person who takes part in the Dandi march?

Ans: Vipul Thakkar (16 Years old).

On which date mahatma Gandhi reached Dandi village?

Ans: 6 April 1930

FAQ’s (Mahatma Gandhi Dandi Yatra)

Q 1: What is the name of a journalist who takes part in the Dandi march?

Ans: Webmillar

Q 2: What is the distance of dandi from Sabarmati?

Ans: 241 miles

Q 3: What is the starting date of the dandi march?

Ans: 12 March 1930

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