10+ Teacher Interview Questions and Answers for a Smart Job

Teacher Interview Questions and Answers : We show most 10 question which every interview asked you in school interview. Along with the best answers for these questions.

Teacher Interview Questions
Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

10+ Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

Everyone prepare for job interview either you experienced or freshers because interview going to ask you different different types of questions to check your confident level to check your communication skills and many more. You can selected only if you give satisfactory answer to them. It is important for everyone to friendly during the interview. I compiled best answers along with best answers.

Tell me about yourself

It is very common and always asked in interview. Hello mam, my name is “……….” and I am from “………”. I have completed my M. A. and B.Ed..

I have 5 years of teaching experience and my hobbies are reading, singing, and exploring myself.

Why do you want to be a teacher?

In a Teacher Interview Questions and Answers, the question based on the role of a teacher play an important role for selection. So, you can make answer as:-

I choose teaching profession as a career because I love the impact one can have on individual children. I cannot imagine devoting my life to something else specially. I love being around with children and enjoy teaching talking to children, listening to them, trying to understand their emotional word and be a good role model for them.

Tell us five good qualities of a teacher?

For this, you can say from my point of view five good qualities of a teacher includes strong communication skill, good teacher have patience, good teachers are adaptable, good listening skills, and strong knowledge on their subjects.

What’s your teaching style?

This is also a very common question ask during teaching interview. So you should answer this question in very impressive way.

My teaching style is interactive, supportive, and transparent encourage my students to have a voice in the classroom and participate actively in all conversation.

Why should we hire you?

Well honestly, I possesses all the skills and experience that you are looking for any in my experience, my passion and my dedication for this job proof me the best candidate for this job role. So the decision is all yours and I respect it.

What is a teachers responsibilities in keeping children safe?

My observation play an importance role if I see a problem my next step should be explore what could be the possible steps to solve it. I will try to help the child to express his / her problem by spending some time with the child privately. Sometimes we need to be a very good friend and good mentor to our children so that they feel free to express their confidently without hesitation.

How do you motivate students?

My way of motivating students is by positive increment which can do wonders in my experience. I prefer praising for those students who achieve just a little progress. It is a really work in my classroom.

What is your strength and what is your weakness?

In a Teacher Interview Questions and Answers, the question based on the strength and weakness play an important role. So, you can answer this question as:-

The passion for my profession is undoubtedly migrates strength and to be very honest is my biggest weakness it is often take the problem of my classroom to my home and cannot get them out of my head.

What are you salary expectation?

I am a fresher, so salary in not first priority for me. this is a big platform to start my career so I expect a salary according to my ability and your organisation norms. And salary should full film my economical needs.

Why did you choose this profession?

Right from my childhood, I always eager to become a good teacher. Teaching is not only my true profession but also my true passion. And I think my passion and profession come together make a great combination.

What are the qualities required to be a good teacher

In a Teacher Interview Questions and Answers, the question based on the required qualities of a good teacher play an important role. So, you can asked answer as:-

Knowledge if subject matter, passion of teaching, optimism, love of children, lifelong teacher.

What qualities in you that motivate you to choose teaching as profession?

Teaching is a profession where continuous learning and sharing of knowledge takes place. I am an enthusiastic learner teacher and good communicator and i would like to utilize these qualities to enrich the lives of students.

What is the role of a teacher?

In a Teacher Interview Questions and Answers, the question based on the role of a teacher play an important role for selection. So, you can make answer as:-

Teacher are the managers of worlds greatest resume I e. Students. The role of a teacher should be to prepare the best student and to make them ready for the world.

What qualities do students see for in their teacher?

I would like to say , A mother gives birth but teacher gives worth.” Students look for a friend , philosopher and guide who can make their life worth while.

Finally, teacher job is a very responsible job. Teacher provides best education to students for enlightened the world. So, teacher interview questions and answers play an important role for hiring perfect teacher.

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