Environment and Ecology Questions For UPSC, SSC, State PSC

Important Questions on Environment

Q 21: Which national park has the highest crocodile population?

(a) BhitarKanika national Park

(b) Kukrail

(c) Gir forest

(d) Dachigam

Ans: BhitarKanika national Park

Q 22: What is the chemical form of Musk?

(a) Eethyle Trichloro Penta Decenol

(b) Methyl Trichloro Penta Decenol

(c) Methyle Trichloro Hexa Decenol

(d) Methyl Dichloro Penta Decenol

Ans: Methyle Trichloro Penta Decenol

Q 23: Where is the headquarter of UNEP?

(a) Marges (Switzerland)

(b) Nairobi (Kenia)

(c) Philippines (Manila)

(d) Damisk (Syria)

Ans: Nairobi (Kenia)

Q 24: What is the full name of W.W.F.?

(a) World Wildlife Fund

(b) World Wild Fund

(c) World Wildlife Forest

(d) Wildlife World Fund

Ans: World Wildlife Fund

Important Questions on Environment

Q 25: When IUCN established?

(a) 1965

(b) 1948

(c) 1952

(d) 1986

Ans: 1948

Q 26: Match the given below national parks with their location.

(a) Dudhwa National Park- Gujrat

(b) Corbett National Park — Uttar Pradesh

(c) Bandipur National Park — Karnataka

(d) Kaziranga National Park- Rajasthan

Ans: Bandipur — Karnataka

Q 27: What is the name of the first national park in India?

(a) Dudhwa National Park

(b) Corbett National Park

(c) Kanha National Park

(d) Bandipur National Park

Ans: Corbett National Park

Q 28: Which given below Bio-sphere is not matched with their location.

(a) Mannar ki khadi — Tamilnadu

(b) Sundarvan — West Bengal

(c) Nokrak — Odisha

(d) Agasthamalai — Kerala

Ans: Nokrak — Odisha

Q 29: Which is the first biosphere reserve in India?

(a) Nilgiri

(b) Kanchan Janga

(c) Sundarvan

(d) Nanda Devi

Ans: Nilgiri

Q 30: Which given below institute is not matched with their location?

(a) zoological survey centre of India — Kolkata

(b) Central institute of agricultural engineering — Bhopal

(c) Centre for ecological Sciences—Bengaluru

(d) Forest survey centre of India — Bhopal

Ans: Forest survey centre of India — Bhopal

Note: These “Environment and Ecology and Biodiversity” questions are very important and most asked for UPSC, State PSC, SSC, other exams.

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