Environment and Ecology Questions For UPSC, SSC, State PSC

Q 11: Which gas is not produced photochemical smog?

(a) Paroxyacetyl Nitrate

(b) Nitrogen Oxide

(c) Ozone

(d) CO

Ans: CO

Q 12: Which gas is known as strangulating gas?

(a) CO2

(b) CO (Carbon Monoxide)

(c) SO2

(d) CH4

Ans: CO (Carbon Monoxide)

Q 13: In the Stratosphere layer of environment, which is present?

(a) SO2

(b) O3

(c) CO2

(d) CH4

Ans: O3

Q 14: When the Central Ganga Authority established?

(a) 1986

(b) 1992

(c) 1985

(d) 1972

Ans: 1985

Q 15: What is the reason for Black foot disease?

(a) Cadmium

(b) Arsenic

(c) Methane

(d) Led

Ans: Arsenic

Q 16: According to W.H.O., what should be the pH of drinking water?

(a) 5–6.6

(b) 6.5–7.0

(c) 7–8.5

(d) 5.5–6.8

Ans: 7–8.5

Q 17: Which gas has the highest percentage of Biogas?

(a) SO2

(b) CH4

(c) CO2

(d) NH3

Ans: CH4

Q 18: When Central Soil Conservation Board is established?

(a) 1952

(b) 1953

(c) 1985

(d) 1986

Ans: 1953

Q 19: Which state is popular as the state of the tiger?

(a) Maharastra

(b) Madya Pradesh

(c) Gujrat

(d) Delhi

Ans: Madya Pradesh

Q 20: Where are found, Asiatic Lion?

(a) Gir Forest

(b) Sundarbans

(c) Periyar

(d) Kaziranga

Ans: Gir Forest

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