Environment and Ecology Questions For UPSC, SSC, State PSC

Environment and Ecology and Biodiversity related multiple choice questions for UPSC, State PSC, SSC, other exams. (Mostly Asked)

Environment and Ecology Questions
Environment and Ecology and Biodiversity Questions

Q 1: In which state, zoological survey centre of India is located?

(a) Kolkata

(b) Gujrat

(c) Madhya Pradesh

(d) Maharastra

Ans: Kolkata

Q 2: In which state, forest survey centre of India located?

(a) Dehradoon (Uttrakhand)

(b) Odisha

(c) Lucknow

(d) Himachal Pradesh

Ans: Dehradoon (Uttrakhand)

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Q 3: When the world environment day is celebrated?

(a) 7 June

(b) 5 June

(c) 11 June

(d) 6 June

Ans: 5 June

Q 4: What is the full name of UNEP?

(a) United Nations of Environment Program

(b) United Nations for Environment Program

(c) United Nations Environment Plan

(d) United Nations Environment Programme

Ans: United Nations Environment Programme

Q 5: Where is headquarter located of “International Union for Conservation of Nature” (IUCN)?

(a) Mexico

(b) Marges (Switzerland)

(c) Gland (Switzerland)

(d) Nairobi (Kenya)

Ans: Marges (Switzerland)

Q 6: In which movement, agitators stick with trees and save the tree for cutting down?

(a) Chipko Movement

(b) Non-Cooperation Movement

(c) Appiko Movement

(d) Matri Movement

Ans: Chipko Movement

Q 7: When the project tiger started in India?

(a) 1972

(b) 1973

(c) 1986

(d) 2002

Ans: 1973

Q 8: Which is/are primary air pollutant?

(a) CO2, SO2, CH4

(b) NO2, CO2, SO2

(c) CO2, CO, SO2

(d) CO2, CO, NH3

Ans: CO2, CO, SO2

Q 9: Which air pollutants have the highest percentage of pollution?

(a) CO2

(b) SO2

(c) CO

(d) CH4

Ans: CO

Questions (Environment, Ecology, Biodiversity)

Q 10: Which pair of gases is greenhouse gas?

(a) CO2, CO

(b) CO2, SO2

(c) CO2, CH4

(d) CO2, CH3

Ans: CO2, CH4

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