Biology MCQ for Competitive Exams: Top Biology Questions and Answers

Q 21: Which is responsible for mosaic disease in tobacco?

(A) Virus

(B) Lichen

(C) Bacteria

(D) Protozoa

Ans: Virus

Q 22: Which disease related to the lungs?

(A) Diptheria

(B) Rickets

(C) Esperjilesis

(D) None

Ans: Esperjilesis

Q 23: Malaria disease generated by which?

(A) Virus

(B) Protozoa

(C) Bacteria

(D) All

Ans: Protozoa

Medical Instruments (Biology Questions and Answers)

Q 24: Which instrument used for measuring the rate of transpiration?

(A) Oxanometer

(B) Pace Maker

(C) Galvanometer

(D) Ganang Potometer

Ans: Ganang Potometer

Q 25: Sphigno manometer uses in measuring of?

(A) Heartbeats

(B) Glucose

(C) Blood Pressure

(D) None

Ans: Blood Pressure

Q 26: Which instrument used in measuring of Glucose?

(A) Auto Analyzer

(B) Oxenometer

(C) Gastroscopy

(D) None

Ans: Auto Analyzer

Vitamins (Biology MCQ for Competitive Exams)

Q 27: How many vitamins present in the human body?

(A) 13

(B) 9

(C) 15

(D) None

Ans: 13

Q 28: How many vitamins are fat-soluble?

(A) 9

(B) 13

(C) 4

(D) all

Ans: 4

Q 29: Which vitamin is water-soluble?

(A) Vitamin A

(B) Vitamin E

(C) Vitamin C

(D) Vitamin K

Ans: Vitamin C

Q 30: Which vitamin has blood clotting property?

(A) Vitamin K

(B) Vitamin A

(C) Vitamin C

(D) None

Ans: Vitamin K

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