Biology MCQ for Competitive Exams: Top Biology Questions and Answers

Biology MCQ for Competitive Exams: This subject is very important in any exam (Like- PSC, SSC, NEET, etc). Every year a good number of questions asked from biology.

Biology MCQ for Competitive Exams

Biology MCQ for Competitive Exams (Biology Questions and Answers)


Q 1: Lichen is a combination of?

(A) Fungi and Bacteria

(B) Fungi and Protozoa

(C) Fungi and Algae

(D) All

Ans: Fungi and Algae

Q 2: Which have the Mutual Symbiotic relation? of fungi and Algae in Lichens?

(A) fungi and Algae

(B) Bacteria and fungi

(C) Bacteria and Algae

(D) All

Ans: fungi and Algae

Q 3: Which lichen used in making perfume?

(A) Lobaria

(B) Cladonia

(C) Rosella

(D) None

Ans: Lobaria

Q 4: Which gives water, minerals, vitamins to Algae?

(A) Alage

(B) Bacteria

(C) Fungi

(D) None

Ans: Fungi

Q 5: Which provide carbohydrate in photosynthesis to Fungi?

(A) Virus

(B) Bacteria

(C) Lichen

(D) Algae

Ans: Algae

Q 6: Which is Autotrophic?

(A) Bacteria

(B) Lichen

(C) Protozoa

(D) All of the above

Ans: Lichen

Q 7: Which helps in Adverse conditions to Algae?

(A) Fungi

(B) Alage

(C) Bacteria

(D) None

Ans: Fungi

Q 8: Which provides food to fungi?

(A) Virus

(B) Algae

(C) Fungi

(D) Bacteria

Ans: Algae

Q 9: The litmus paper is making with which lichen?

(A) Cladonia

(B) Peltizera

(C) Evarnia

(D) Rosella 

Ans: Rosella 

Q 10: Which lichen is used in treating epilepsy?

(A) Rosella 

(B) Cladonia

(C) Parmelia

(D) None

Ans: Parmelia

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