Basic Physics Questions And Answers (Updated): Best Physics General Knowledge Questions

Basic Physics Questions And Answers (2021): Best Physics GK Questions and Answers for all exams like- UPSC, PSC, SSC, Banking, RRB, etc.

Physics General Knowledge (Physics GK Questions)

Q 1: The rotation axis of the earth (Polar axis) is inclined from the ecliptic axis always is

(A) 23.5o

(B) 23.0o

(C) 23.1o

(D) 24.5o

Ans: 23.5o

Q 2: Name of the thermometer that is known as a pyrometer.

(A) Radiation Thermometer

(B) Gas Thermometer

(C) Liquid Thermometer

(D) Thermo-electric Thermometer

Ans: Radiation Thermometer

Q 3: What is the work of dynamo?

(A) It change electrical energy to mechanical energy

(B) It change mechanical energy to electrical energy

(C) Dynamo convert electrical energy to chemical energy

(D) it uses to convert chemical energy into electrical energy

Ans: It converts mechanical energy to electrical energy

Q 4: What is the name of the instrument that measures wind velocity?

(A) Hydrometer

(B) Barometer

(C) Wind vane

(D) Anemometer

Ans: Anemometer

Q 5: Photovoltaic cells related to

(A) Sulphur cells

(B) Thermal cells

(C) Molar cells

(D) Solar cells

Ans: Solar cells

Q 6: Energy that converted into electrical energy in wind power is

(A) Potential Energy

(B) Kinetic energy

(C) Radiant energy

(D) Solar energy

Ans: Kinetic energy

Q 7: In a human being a healthy eye, the minimum clear vision distance should be

(A) 50 cm

(B) 15 cm

(C) 25 cm

(D) 10 cm

Ans: 25 cm

Q 8: For which reason, Einstein got the Nobel Prize?

(A) Theory of specific heat

(B) Photoelectric Effect

(C) Special theory of relativity

(D) Bose-Einstein Statics

Ans: Photoelectric Effect

Q 9: In which season, air pressure got the lowest point in

(A) Summer Season

(B) Spring Season

(C) Autumn Season

(D) Winter season

Ans: Summer Season

Q 10: What should be the minimum height of a plane mirror for seeing the full image of a person?

(A) Half of the height of the person

(B) Equal to the height of the person

(C) Two times the height of the person

(D) One-fourth of the height of the person

Ans: Half of the height of the person

Q 11: Homi Bhabha Prize related to the contribution in

(A) Nuclear Energy

(B) Space Research

(C) Laser Physics

(D) Theoretical Physics

Ans: Nuclear Energy

Q 12: The sound waves do not have a property to travel in

(A) Vaccum

(B) Solids

(C) Liquids

(D) Gases

Ans: Vaccum

Q 13: In an artificial satellite, the source of electrical energy is

(A) Thermopile

(B) Solar Cells

(C) Dynamo

(D) Small nuclear reactor

Ans: Solar Cells

Q 14: What is the name of the apparatus that detects lie?

(A) Polygraph

(B) Pyrometer

(C) Kymograph

(D) Gyroscope

Ans: Polygraph

Q 15: In the water, the air bubble works as

(A) Convex mirror

(B) Convex lens

(C) Concave lens

(D) Concave mirror

Ans: Concave lens

Q 16: Which given SI units not matched?

(A) Force – Newton

(B) Pressure – Dyne

(C) Work – Joule

(D) Mass – Kg

Ans: Pressure – Dyne

Q 17:Which thermometer used for measuring temperature above 1500 oC?

(A) Pyrometer

(B) Clinical Thermometer

(C) Platinum resistance thermometer

(D) Thermocouple Thermometer

Ans: Pyrometer

Q 18: In a superconductor, the highest attained temperature is

(A) 150 Kelvin

(B) 300 Kelvin

(C) 133 Kelvin

(D) 24 Kelvin

Ans: 150 Kelvin

Q 19: The correct relation of nanometer with centimeter is

(A) 1 nanometer = 10-6 cm

(B) 1 nanometer = 10-9 cm

(C) 1 nanometer = 10-7 cm

(D) 1 nanometer = 10-8 cm

Ans: 1 nanometer = 10-7 cm

Q 20: Which is correct about a light-year?

(A) It is the unit of distance

(B) It is the unit of Time

(C) Light-year is the unit of intensity of light

(D) It is the unit of the velocity of light

Ans: It is the unit of distance

Q 21: For what reason sky appears blue?

(A) Due to the highest scattering of red light

(B) Due to the highest scattering of blue light

(C) Due to the highest absorption of blue light in the atmosphere

(D) Due to the highest scattering of red light in the atmosphere

Ans: Due to the highest scattering of blue light

Q 22: Name of the material that has a more elastic property

(A) Rubber

(B) Wet Soil

(C) Steel

(D) Plastic

Ans: Steel

Q 23: Name of the force that pulls the body towards centre of the earth

(A) Gravitational force

(B) Mass

(C) Momentum

(D) None of these

Ans: Gravitational force

Q 24: Name of the law that related to Archimedes principle

(A) Kirchoff’s Principle

(B) Gravitation Principle

(C) Floatation Principle

(D) None of these

Ans: Floatation Principle

Q 25: Name of the unit that related to viscosity

(A) Poise

(B) Ampere

(C) Pascal

(D) None of these

Ans: Poise

Q 26: Name of the force that used to separate cream from the milk

(A) Gravitation force

(B) Sub-centre force

(C) Concentric force

(D) None of these

Ans: Concentric force

Q 27: Name of the property that responsible for cloud floating

(A) Temperature

(B) Pressure

(C) Density

(D) None of these

Ans: Density

Q 28: Name of Newton’s principle that related to swimming the water

(A) Third law

(B) Second law

(C) First law

(D) All of these

Ans: Third law

Q 29: Name of the property that showed, when a needle floats on the surface of the water

(A) Gravitation

(B) Viscocity

(C) Surface tension

(D) None of these

Ans: Surface tension

Q 30: Number of watts that equal to one horsepower

(A) 500 Watts

(B) 746 Watts

(C) 646 watts

(D) 300 Watts

Ans: 746 watts

Q 31: Name of the conservation that related to Bernoulli’s theorem

(A) Impulse conservation

(B) Momentum conservation

(C) Energy conservation

(D) None of these

Ans: Energy conservation

Q 32: Name of the ice property that decreased when pressing the ice

(A) Melting point

(B) Boiling point

(C) Freezing point

(D) None of these

Ans: Melting point

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