Basic Chemistry Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Q 11: What is the name of radioisotopes that are used in tumour detection?

(A) Cobalt-60

(B) Sodium-24

(C) Arsenic-74

(D) Carbon-14

Ans: Arsenic-74

Q 12: Which protein produces Alzheimer’s disease in the brain?

(A) Amyloid Monoprotein

(B) Amyloid Multiprotein

(C) Amyloid precursor protein

(D) Amyloid leptic protein

Ans: Amyloid precursor protein

Q 13: What is the name of the matter that uses to store Sodium metal?

(A) Ammonia

(B) Kerosene

(C) Water

(D) Air

Ans: Kerosene

Q 14: Which is the given below by-product of petroleum refining?

(A) Coal

(B) Charcoal

(C) Asphalt 

(D) Petrol

Ans: Asphalt 

Q 15: What is the name of dry ice?

(A) Ice treated with anhydrous calcium chloride

(B) Solid Carbon dioxide

(C) Steam

(D) Ice at 0 oC

Ans: Solid Carbon dioxide

Q 16: Which process takes place in a biogas plant?

(A) Reduction

(B) Hydrogenation

(C) Polymerisation

(D) Fermentation

Ans: Fermentation

Q 17: Which is the given below element present in maximum quantity in the human body?

(A) Iron

(B) Sodium

(C) Calcium

(D) Phosphate

Ans: Calcium

Q 18: What is the name of the chemical that uses in preserving the food?

(A) Sulphuric Acid

(B) Sodium Benzoate

(C) Sodium Chloride

(D) Caustic Soda

Ans: Sodium Benzoate

Q 19: Which pair related to greenhouse gases?

(A) Ammonia and Methane

(B) Carbon dioxide and Methane

(C) Carbon monoxide and Sulphur dioxide

(D) Carbon tetrachloride and Nitrous oxide

Ans: Carbon dioxide and Methane

Q 20: According to Euro-II emission standard, the quantity of sulphur should be present in the ultra-low sulphur diesel.

(A) 0.10 Percent

(B) 0.05 Percent or less

(C) 0.15 Percent

(D) 0.20 Percent

Ans: 0.05 Percent or less

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