Essay on Pollution That Harmful for Health: What is Pollution?

Essay on Pollution:  Pollution is generally known as a complex phenomenon. These compounds are all emitted in different ways (directly, burning, indirectly). The harm it causes can be local, systemic, and global.

What is Pollution? (Environment Pollution Essay)

It’s not just particles that are harmful – it’s particulates, such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), soot, and black carbon. It’s not just gas, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), ozone (O3), and methane (CH4). These compounds are all emitted in different ways – some directly, some by burning, some indirectly.

These compounds change the way the atmosphere works. They cause air pollution to reach the ground, which leads to local and regional harm. But they also cause acid rain, which can damage trees and rocks, and streams.

They can also build up in the atmosphere and act as nuclei to form acidic particles – such as sulphuric acid droplets – that can corrode buildings.

The problem is that these compounds are so complex that we can’t use the same systems to describe them that we do with gases and the small particles we are familiar with.

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