Earthquake Essay In English: What Causes An Earthquake

Earthquake Essay: Earthquake is an earthquake caused by some reason in the earth’s crust. It disaster measures by a seismograph.

Essay On Earthquake

Earthquake Essay

The earthquake is caused by transient dislocation under the surface or on the flex of the upper rocks or due to gravity. The place at the bottom of the ground where an earthquake occurs, the place is called the earthquake origin (hypocenter). Earthquake is the vertical location just above the origin where the first seismic waves are detected, called the earthquake epicenter.

  • The line joining similar areas of shock generated by seismic waves is called the equatorial line or even the seismic line. These lines are often circular with more instruments.
  • The line joining earthquake zones coming at the same time is called ho homosismal.
  • Earthquake Elastic Reinforcement Theory was formulated by HF Reid.

Science is called seismology or seismology and the measurement of waves is measured as an earthquake.

Science is called seismology or seismology and the measurement of waves is called seismology or seismograph. Normal Earthquake: 50 km to the depth of the original ground

  • Intermediate earthquake: 50 to 250 km deep from the center.
  • Deep Vow Earthquake: from 250 to 700 km deep.

What is the cause of the earthquake?

Earthquake Essay: Earth’s crust is made up of a solid core, mantle (molten magma), and tectonic plates. Tectonic plates move continuously as a result of convection currents originating from molten lava (magma) inside the Earth’s crust. 

Even mountains and valleys are formed by constant movements. When these plates move against each other and they interact at a point. In geologists, this intersection is known as the fault line. The moment the plates start moving, the energy is released from the meeting point, the point known as the hypocenter. The intensity of this energy determines the intensity of the earthquake.

For earthquakes, energy is released from the focal point. This point is called the epicenter and the point is found at a shallow depth from the Earth’s surface. From the epicenter, seismic waves are generated and when seismic waves then move at different speeds, it depends on the type of material they pass through.

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