Air Pollution Essay: A Complete Notes for All Exams

Air Pollutants (Air Pollution Essay)

Now let us take a look at some air pollutants. any substance in the air that consideration from animals humans vegetation is known as an air pollutant. there are four major air pollutants in the air namely sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and chlorofluorocarbon.  just like asthma, it is a deadly disease the most appealing solution to prevent lung cancer is growing more trees as they absorb carbon dioxide which is a major air pollutant.

Types of Air Pollutants (Essay on Air Pollution)

Primary air pollutants

That wind pollutant, which is found directly in the air from polluting sources Is called a primary air pollutant. Like CO2, Co. So2, etc.

Secondary air pollutants

Such air Pollutants, which result from the action of primary air pollutants and ordinary atmospheric substances Occur, Secondary air pollutants are called.

Secondary Air Pollutants Examples: O3 (Ozone), PAN (Peroxyacetyl Nitrate, etc.

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