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Current Affairs Today

February 2021

28 February 2021
27 February 2021

Q: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate India’s first fair today?

A: The India Toy Fair 2021

Q: Whose Honorary Mahastha Member has been elected as a distinguished scholar, writer, critic, and translator Professor Velcheru Narayan Rao?

A: Sahitya Akademi Honorary Mahastha Member

Q: Which book of Ram Varma, former Chief Secretary of Haryana has been released at India International Center?

A: Gilli Danda to Golf

Q: The government of Uttar Pradesh has announced to pay respect to Bharati Bharti to which senior litterateur?

A: Dr. Sunbala

Q: Senior leader of Communist Party of India died at the age of 88, what was his name?

A: D. Pandian

Q: Which two cricketers have been part of the Indian team retired from international cricket?

A: Yusuf Pathan and Vinay Kumar

Q: Which Indian economist has been appointed assistant general secretary in the New York office of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) by world body chief Antonio Gutres?

A: Ligia Norenho

Q. Haryana Deputy CM Dushant Singh Chautala has been appointed as the President of the Federation?

A. Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI)

26 February 2021

Q. Name of the person that introduces the game India Winter Games 2021 starting on 26 February in Gulmarg, Srinagar?

A. Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Q. Name of the person appointed as the new Managing Director of Asian Development Bank ADB.

A. Wuchong Um

Q. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has made it mandatory to conduct corona checks on people coming from which states?

A: Kerala and Maharashtra

Q. Name of the position of India that won the World Test Championship by beating England by 10 wickets in the third Test?

A: First

Q: US President Joe Biden has eliminated the card ban for professional people of the world?

A: Green Card

Q: In the unanimous decision taken by the Jharkhand cabinet, who has been completely banned?

A: Hookah Bar

Who has been selected for the International Anti-Corruption Champion Award by the US President Joe Biden Administration?

A: Anjali Bharadwaj

Name of the person that has taken over as the Chairman of National Commission Scheduled Castes Delhi?

A: Mr. Vijay Sampala

25 February 2021

In whose name has the world’s largest cricket ground, Mothra has been announced?

A: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In the meeting of the cabinet chaired by current Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the central state that has the rule of a president been approved?

A: Puducherry

Name of the actress that has denim brand made her global brand ambassador?

A: Deepika Padukone

After former cricketer Kapil Dev, the Name of the fast bowler cricketer that has achieved 100 Test play for India.

A: Ishant Sharma

Ranjit Sethi Indian ambassador to France and the UAE committed suicide by shooting himself at the age of.

A: 81 years

Name of the actor that has the company tied up for the promotion of Piramal Pharma’s Tetamosol brand.

A: Manoj Bajpai

Which famous Punjabi singer who has been hit by the Coronavirus has passed away?

A: Sardul Alexander

Name of the Indian-American lawyer and rights activist nominated by US President for leading of the management of the Personnel Office.

A: Kiran Ahuja

Which political party has cricketer Manoj Tiwari joined?

A: Trinamool Congress

24 February 2021

With whose hands will the world’s largest cricket stadium, Motra, be inaugurated today?

A: President Ramnath Kovind

The Supreme Court of Nepal has reinstated the delegation, overturning its decision?

A: Prime Minister KP Sharma Ollie

Who has the export organization Fio appointed as the new chairman?

A: A. Satwell

Market regulator Sebi has fined 1 crore rupees on which real estate firm?

A: Alchemist Infra

To prevent increasing suicides, the Government of Japan has appointed a minister to deal with loneliness for the first time. The name of the minister is.

A: Tetsushi Sakamoto

MP related to Dadar and Nagar Haveli committed suicide, The name of the MP is.

A: Mohan Sanjhibhai Delkar

From today onwards, the famous 4-day festival is beginning in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan?

A: Maru Festival

Indian Child Welfare Committee has presented the National Bravery Award to which 15-year-old girl?

A: Kusum (Jalandhar)

23 February 2021

Director Neela Madhab Panda’s Oriya film ‘Kalira Attara’ has been given a place in the General Category of the Awards?

A: Oscar Awards

Congress-backed government has fallen due to not proving its majority in which union territory?

A: Puducherry

In the 30th Adriatic Pearl tournament, the Indian boxing team has won the top position by winning how many medals?

A: 10 medals (5 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze medals)

Who has been appointed for the post of President of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the fifth consecutive time?

A: Mehbooba Mufti

The team has been included for the next two Test matches to be played against England if Team India succeeds in the fitness test of which fast bowler?

A: Umesh Yadav

Nutan Singh, the only MLC of the Lok Manpower Party (Lojpa), has joined which party?

A: Bharatiya Janata Party

DRDO has successfully tested twice the surface-to-air missile built in the country?


22 February 2021

How many crores of forms has India signed for maritime security of Maldives?

A: 363 crore forms

Which Argentine footballer holds the record for playing the most matches for Barcelona by breaking the record of veteran footballer Javi Hernandez (505 matches)?

A: Leonan Messi (506 matches)

Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one tennis player, has won the tournament for the third time in a row and a record ninth time?

Answer: Australian Open.

Who has named the famous reality show Bigg Boss 14??

Answer: Rubina Dilac.

Who has won the Australian Open (Women’s) title by defeating Jennifer Brady?

Answer: Naomi Osaka (Japan).

The day of 21 February is celebrated worldwide as which day?

Answer: International Mother Language Day.

Uttarakhand government has announced to set up which new project in Dehradun?

Answer: Science City Project.

 20 February 2021

Kis Pradesh’s Establishment Day is being celebrated today (20 February)?

A: Arunanchal Pradesh

Name of the award that has been awarded to Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister.

Answer: Scorch Chief Minister of the Year.

Today is celebrated as what day around the world?

Answer: World Social Justice Day.

Actor KK Menon has been awarded the Kis Award at Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival 2021?

Answer: Most Versatile Actor.

Whose new head director-general has been appointed to NV Reddy?

Answer: AIR News.

 19 February 2021

Following the approval of the Reserve Bank, which group has announced the acquisition of DHFL and inclusion in its company?

Answer: Piramal Group.

 18 February 2021

Congress leader and former central minister died what was his name?

A: Captain Satish Sharma

 17 February 2021

How many runs has India won in the second Test match against England?

Answer: 317 runs.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address which forum today?

Answer: NASCOM Technology and Leadership Forum.

Which country has approved a flying hybrid car prepared by Terafugia Transition?

Answer: America.

What plan has the Union Minister Smriti Irani welcomed??

Answer: Jute seed distribution scheme.

 16 February 2021

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lay his foundation for video conferencing in the Bahraich of UP?

Answer: Maharaja Suheldev Memorial.

Which actor who worked in MS Dhoni and Kesari film has committed suicide?

A: Sandeep Nahar

 15 February 2021

For the first time in Sensex’s history of the stock market, Sensex has crossed the figure.

A: 52 thousand

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath, which plan will be welcomed today?

Answer: Free Coaching Scheme.

Whose director has the US government sent Rohit Chopra of Indian origin to the Senate?

Answer: Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (CFPB).

Who has been awarded the African of the Year 2020?

A: Goji Okonjo Ivela

  13 February 2021

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has banned which bank of Nashik?

Answer: Independence Co-operative Bank Limited.

Which MP of Trinamool Congress has resigned from his post?

A: Dinesh Trivedi

The US has decided to end the status of the terrorist group given to which rebels in Yemen?

Answer: Houthi rebels.

Today is being celebrated as what day in India?

Answer: National Women’s Day.

Today (13 January) is being celebrated as what day around the world?

A: World Radio Day

How much has the central government increased the upper limit from 45 thousand under far-reaching reform in a family pension?

A: 1.25 lakhs per month

 12 February 2021

Which two wrestlers have been excluded from the annual contract by the Indian Wrestling Federation (WFI)?

Answer: Susheel Kumar and Sakshi Malik.

The forest department of Himachal Pradesh has prohibited the wearing of which bird on the cap and wearing it?

A: Monal Bird

Name of the channel that banned by China accusing Corona and Xinjiang of misreporting.

A: British television channel BBC World News

Who has been appointed as the new DGP of Jharkhand state?

A: 1987 Batch’s IPS Officer Neeraj Sinha

Name of England’s bowler that eliminated due to elbow injury in the second Test match played against India

A: Joffra Archer

Three Indian climbers Narendra Singh Yadav, Seema Rani, and his Indian team leader Naba Kumar Phukon claim to have Everest Fatah for how many years have the Nepal government banned due to fake exit?

A: 6 years

Which leader has applied to make Congress leader instead of slave prophet Azad in Rajya Sabha?

A: Mallikarjun Kharge

11 February 2021

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has fined 72 crore rupees for not giving information about plastic waste disposal and collection to the government body?

A: Pepsico, Coke, and Bisleri

Chief Minister of Assam Sarbanand Sonoval has decided to make which athlete a police auditor in his cabinet meeting on Wednesday?

A: Hima Das

Which senior journalist has been announced to be given Mahatma Gandhi National Journalism Award?

A: Pradeep Sardana

 10 February 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate which summit through video conferencing today?

Answer: World Sustainable Development Summit.

Which film actor has died at the age of 58?

Answer: Rajiv Kapoor.

Which former cricketer has resigned as head coach of Uttarakhand’s senior team?

Answer: Wasim Jafar.

Which student of Jamia has finished first in Asian-India International Hackathon 2021?

Answer: Pranav Gautam.

UAE’s first interplanetary spacecraft ‘Hope’ (Hope Probe) reached success in the orbit of Mars home even in the first attempt, which country in the world has it become?

Answer: Fifth (first in Arab countries).

Today (10 February) is celebrated as which day around the world?

Answer: World Pulses Day.

 09 February 2021

With whom has Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton signed a one-year deal?

Answer: Mercedes.

Which public sector company has announced to implement the country’s first geothermal sector development project in Ladakh?

Answer: Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)

Sunil Davar of Madhya Pradesh has won the gold medal in which championship by breaking the national record of 5000 meters of under 20 men?

A: National Junior Athletics Championship

Which team has won by 227 runs in the first Test match played between India and England?

A: England

Which former IPS of Bengal has joined the TMC party?

A: Humayun Kabir

The tenure of 4 Rajya Sabha MPs of which state has ended?

A: Jammu and Kashmir

In which examination has Sachin of Bihar finished first in the country?


Which company has been declared as its global partner by the International Cricket Council (ICC)?


Which ministry has approved the construction of the Lakhwad power project on the Yamuna River?

A: Central Ministry of Environment

January 2021

Q: Date, when Covid – 19 vaccination process took starts nationwide

Ans: 16 January 2021

Q: Which given below option related to immunity passport

Ans: This passport indicates that the person is immune to Covid – 19

Q: Position of India that related to Henley and Partner’s Passport Index 2021

Ans: 85th

Q: Name of the country’s armed force that takes part in republic day parade in 2021 in India

Ans: Bangladesh

Q: Name of the place where GSI recently found ‘Vanadium’

Ans: Arunachal Pradesh 

Q: Name of the place where that related to Wildfire in India, recently

Ans: Dzukou Valley

Q: Name of the recently launched scheme that provides a contribution to urban forests in India

Ans: Nagar Van Scheme

Q: Name of the US President that impeached two times in the US history

Ans: Donald Trump

Q: Name of the country that recently banned tomato and cotton items import from China

Ans: U.S.A.

Q : Name of the theme of this year (2021) about the National Metrology Conclave

Ans: Metrology in 2021

Daily Current Affairs – 2021

Q: The period that related to the 51st edition of the International film festival of India was started from

Ans: 16 January

Q: Date, when National Youth Day celebrated in India

Ans: 12 January

Q: Name of the person that participate as a chief guest on the occasion of Republic day Parade – 2021 in India

Ans: Chandrikaprasad Santokhi

Q: Name of the person that was invited as a chief guest during Republic day occasion in India, but canceled

Ans: Boris Johnson

Q: Date, when the polio campaign in 2021 took place nationwide

Ans: 17 January 2021

Q: Date, when Indian Army Day celebrated in India

Ans: 15 January

Q: Recently, the chief minister of Haryana launched Aviation Service between

Ans: Chandigarh and Hisar

Q: Name of the organization that developed the first Indigenous machine pistol in India

Ans: DRDO and Army

Q: Name of the city that will export fabrics to multinational companies

Ans: Varanasi

Q: Name of the bank that will implement the LEI system for tracking a large value of transactions in India

Ans: RBI

Current Affairs (2021)

Q: Name of the person that related to ‘Class plus’ as a brand ambassador

Ans: Saurav Ganguli

Q: Name of the country that blacklisted ‘Oil Giant CNOOC’ of China

Ans: U.S.

Q: In the field of Scientific and Technical Cooperation Union cabinet approved an MoU between 

Ans: India and UAE

Q: CBSC and NIC will launch CollabCAD software for

Ans: Engineering students 

Q: Union health minister distributed Kayakalp award to high standard health facilities of 

Ans:  Sanitation and Hygiene

Q: On 21 January 2021, a defense security dialogue conducted between

Ans: India and Vietnam

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