What Is Migration Certificate Means?: Migration Certificate Online

What Is Migration Certificate?: It is an important document. Which uses in school college or any university period by a student.

What Is Migration Certificate Means

You heard the various type of certificate:

  • Migration Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Also, you have heard the
  • Cast Certificate
  • Character Certificate, etc.

We require to keep all these certificates in our institute.

What is a Migration Certificate?

Actually, transfer applied from one course to another course. Or transfer applied from one university to another university during school called Migration. If you want for getting admission to some other institute or college during the course next year. Then you still need this Certificate. Also, every college, school, and university has some rules. And laws, only after which you get Migration.

For example, if you are related to Maharastra University. After completion of one year course and want to transfer to another. Then, applying for a Migration Certificate required. The laws and rules and Migration will be available in other courses. If your course is regular. And you want your transfer in any correspondence. Then it is also possible but remembers. This is not applicable in the semester related course.

Certificate Types

There are many types of Migration. Like Inter College Migration in which you take a transfer from one course to another. According to the rules of the college, the department should allow you. And your marks should also be correct. After that, we come to the second type of Migration is Inter-University Migration. In this case, an individual gets a transfer from one university to another. Otherwise, you want to go from a regular to a correspondence course. For which in the first year all your subjects should be clear.

How to get a Migration Certificate?

Hopefully, in the information given above. Do you need to understand well what is Migration Certificate? And why it needed?. Now let’s talk about how Migration Certificate can make?

Actually, every board and university has different rules. Under that, you have to follow the migration process. If you are from Maharashtra Board. So, you have the facility to apply online for proof. But this facility is not available in Uttar Pradesh Board. For which the student has to contact directly in the office.

If you are related to Uttar Pradesh Board and apply for this kind of certificate. Then, you have to fill the UP Board Migration Certificate. Application Form has with cleanliness. Which you will also need a recommendation letter from the college. You may pay different fees to apply online and offline according to your state.

So it was the basic information linked to this Certificate. Also, if you have any questions. Which related to this Certificate. Then do not forget to ask us in the comment box below.

How to write application for migration certificate?



   The Principal,

   College Name,



   Subject: Application for Migration Certificate

   Respected Sir/Madam,

                                             With due respect and humble submission, I would like to say that I was a student of your college and I have passed my B.A. from your college. Now, for further studies I need migration certificate.

Therefore, I request you to kindly issue me migration certificate within a week. I will be really grateful to you for this.

Thanking you,

You’re sincerely,

You’re Name,

Contact Details:

How to apply for a certificate online?

Each student of Maharashtra has to apply for the online migration certificate. Apply on the same website. Each state and board has different processes and websites. If you study the state of Maharashtra. When you are a Mentor and you need a Migration certificate.

Fill up the migration application form step by step. Follow the procedure to make a certificate online.

Step 1:

  • Click on migration certificate online fill up the Link.
  • Go to new user register here.
  • Now, two options are given. For creating a new migration certificate account online. If the contact number (mobile number) of individually registered in Adhar by you. then, you can choose option type 1. For registering a mobile number choose option 2.

Step 2:

  • After clicking on option 1. Register your Adhar number.
  • Now, click on Send OTP. It will come on Adhar registered mobile number
  • Enter OTP. And go to the Next button for verifying your Adhar.
    Step 3:
  • Now, the new account registration form will be open. Fill up that form correctly.
  • Now click save for registering.
  • Click on login now. And click on higher and technical on the right side.
  • In Education, this Certificate Application Form fills up last Year’s Passing. Here enter Institute details.
  • Now, click on I agree
  • Save details
    Step 4:
  • Upload the passport photo and signature.
  • Upload documents
  • Select the payment method.
  • Make payment

Congratulations, you successfully apply application. Within 21 days your this certificate uploaded. Uploaded by the responsible department.

Online Migration Certificate Download (ICSC Board)

Now, I’m providing information to download details of ICSC migration certificate online.

migration certificate icsc board

  • ICSC certificate is decentralised by the office of ICSC council.
  • The school head or appropriate authority of school places an order to provide ICSC migration certificate to the ICSC board. This order of migration certificate related to those students, who passed the exam and required for getting next level of courses.
  • Now, submit fee for the migration certificate online to the ICSC council of board.
  • After getting or receiving the fee, the ICSC council dispatch migration certificate. This certificate is dispatched by ICSC Kolkata council office to school with the mode of register post.
  • Before providing migration certificate to the applicant , the school head or authorized person signed on that certificate with the seal.

Documents Required for Migration Certificate

Submit the required documents. These documents are also necessary to transfer certificates.

  1. 1st Semester Mark-sheet (1st)
  2. 2nd Semester Mark-sheet (2nd)
  3. 3rd Semester Mark-sheet (3rd)
  4. 4th Semester Mark-sheet (4th)
  5. 5th Semester Mark-sheet (5th)
  6. 6th Mark-sheet (6th)
  7. 7th Semester Mark-sheet (7th)
  8. 8th Semester Mark-sheet (8th)
  9. Diploma mark sheet (all year and Semester)
  10. College Leaving Certificate (Final)

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